Being a Parent or Carer


Having a baby or adopting a child is a special and important time in your life. Whether you are a first time parent, or growing your family, we have a range of benefits and policies in place that will help you make the most of this time. We have summarised a few key things you should know below, and you can find more information in the full policy.


Contractual Maternity and Adoption Leave and Pay

We exceed the statutory entitlement to paid leave and will give you 26 weeks full pay to be with your new arrival, subject to meeting the qualifying conditions in the policy. All staff members are entitled to 52 weeks maternity or adoption leave.


Shared Parental Leave


If you and your partner would like to share the caring responsibilities for your new child, then you may wish to consider Shared Parental Leave. You can find full details about this type of leave, and what you need to do and when, on the Government website. Our policy has full details which will allow you to establish if you and your partner are eligible. If you are eligible, you can share up to 50 weeks. The pay provisions for shared parental leave mirror the contractual provisions for maternity and adoption pay.


Maternity Leave

You are entitled to 52 weeks statutory Maternity Leave. We also offer Contractual Maternity Pay. See the Maternity Policy for more information.

Paternity Leave

We will give you two weeks paternity leave on full pay. Full details are found in the policy.

Adoption Leave

Our Adoption Policy provides assistance through the stages of adoption, and details what leave you will be eligible for.


Parental Leave


You can take 18 weeks of unpaid leave to look after your child, when your child is under 18 years old. Full information about parental leave can be found on the ACAS website and in our Family Care Leave policy and guidance.

Maternity, Adoption, Paternity and Shared Parental Leave


Further information to assist staff who take maternity, paternity, adoption or shared parental leave is available in this policy.

Family Care Leave

You can take 18 weeks of unpaid leave for each individual for whom you have a caring responsibility. Full information about family leave can be found in our policy and guidance for managers and staff.

Childcare Vouchers


A new Tax Free Childcare Scheme was introduced in 2018. More information on this and the Childcare Voucher Scheme that it replaced is available on the intranet.