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Your first days


We want to make your first few days at Holyrood as exciting and enjoyable as possible. On your first day, you’ll be met by your manager who’ll take you to meet your new team and provide you with important information like your pay reference number and IT Account details. You’ll also have an assigned buddy - a friendly face - who’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have in your first few weeks.

Top tip!

You'll receive your security pass on your first day. This must be worn at all times when you're in the Parliament building and removed when you leave.

Your induction

Induction here isn’t about attending a one-off event.  We offer a wide range of different induction experiences to help you become familiar with us and our ways of working.  This includes a mix of face-to-face sessions, text based materials and online resources designed to help you to understand our structures, working practices, standards, values and culture. Completing our online resources is straightforward to do – you just need to go on Learning Pool (shortcut found on your desktop) and go to the Induction area and complete the included resources. 


You’re encouraged to take an active role to make sure that your induction is right for you and meets your needs. If you have any concerns, raise these with your manager at the earliest opportunity. Further induction guidance is available.

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