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Leadership At All Levels Matters


Our approach to leadership is based on inclusivity and influence, rather than authority and status. It looks beyond those at the top of the organisation in formal leadership management roles to include leaders at all levels working together to achieve excellence. That’s why we’re committed to continued investment in the development of people practising leadership throughout and at every level of the parliamentary service. 


We need people to recognise and think of themselves as leaders, not necessarily by virtue of their role, but because they see what needs to be changed or improved and are prepared to work with and influence others to make those changes happen.  We recognise that the most effective leaders are those who build and instil trust by being open and honest in their communication and decision making. They show integrity in their approach and are committed to our values by being respectful of others. They want to ensure we’re delivering the best services to our elected Members and the public, and are able to communicate this clearly and inspire action in others.


If you’re a manager, we expect you to empower your team members to develop and realise their potential. This means making time for them, considering their development, delegating responsibilities and trusting their ability to deliver results. It also means encouraging others to take ownership of plans and actions, at the right level, by being clear about individual roles and responsibilities. 

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