Managing for Excellence - Our Approach to Performance Management

In this section you’ll find information summarising our approach to performance management. We're rolling out this approach across the organisation, starting with Leadership Group and Group/Office Heads.  Your manager will let you know when it's your turn.  In the meantime you should familiarise yourself with the guidance and read through the relevant toolkits.


Our behaviours and individual objectives and goals are linked to our strategic vision, aims and priorities. This helps us understand the purpose of our role and take responsibility for our own performance at work. Have a look at how our roles link to the strategic plan.  

Our process is simple and is underpinned by our principles.  It’s designed to consider wellbeing and work-life balance needs and provide continuous support and learning.

For colleagues, here's what you need to do



Managers play a crucial role in driving successful results and providing feedback to your team member(s) about their progress toward the achievement of objectives.  To help you do this, we’ve created a management objective which is pre-populated in your Objective and Goals Plan (template), and captured in the form above


If you’re a manager, the following might be helpful:



How do we do this?

The key point here is that conversations are taking place.  Writing down objectives and development plans help us to keep track of what’s been agreed.

We’ll continue to review our processes to ensure they support our outcome to have a high performing, resilient and engaged workforce.

Needing additional support?


We hope you’ll always perform well in your role and meet the high standards we expect.  If your performance falls below our expectations, we’ll address any issues with you in a fair and supportive way. 


The Improving Performance policy and procedures are intended as an aid to good management.  They're there to help you improve and maintain your level of performance through positive management intervention and support.


Wherever we can, we’ll try to resolve performance issues informally.  Ask your manager if you’re not clear about what or how you need to improve.  Let them know if there’s anything you need from them. 


If things don’t improve, we’ll need to move into the formal process.  This process contains details of the possible outcomes of each formal meeting.  You should be aware that if your performance doesn’t improve, the final outcome could be dismissal. 


If a medical condition or disability may be affecting your performance, talk to your manager.  We’ll always aim to support you and look for alternative and best outcomes for you and the organisation.  And if you’re a manager and need advice, contact the HR Office on 86500.


We recognise that you may need additional support, so remember you can talk to your Trade Union representative if you’re a member, or our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider.  You can contact EAP in confidence on 0800 032 9849.