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This section contains details of how to obtain an employment reference and our leaving arrangements, including resignations, retirement and dismissal.


Employment References


If you’ve been offered a job outside of the Parliament, congratulations! The organisation you’re applying to may request an employment reference from us as part of their recruitment and selection process. We’re committed to providing accurate and timely references. The People and Culture Office provides references on behalf of the Corporate Body so all requests must be directed to them and not to your manager.  The organisation asking for the reference should email Your manager may give a general character reference if they want to, but this won’t be specifically about your work here and will not be on Parliament headed paper or be from a Parliament email.

Notice periods


Your notice period is detailed in your Contract.  If you need a copy of this, contact the People and Culture Office on 86500.  Where you’re not required to work for all of part of your notice period; you’ll receive a payment equal to the unworked period of notice at your basic rate of pay. 

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