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This section is all about you and your job. We’ve tried to make it as clear as possible, so you know where you stand and what you can expect when you join us. 

Your contract

Your contract

Your Principal Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment (your Contract) provides details of your job and salary and also details the terms and conditions of employment which we are legally required to provide. If anything changes through collective agreement that directly affects you, we’ll let you know in writing within one month of the change through the Corporate Bulletin. 

Arrangements for Staff In the Event of a Significant Business Disruption

At the Parliament business continuity is about ensuring that, wherever possible, the scheduled business of the Parliament is maintained. To achieve this we have arrangements to support colleagues in event of a significant business disruption. Have a look at the policy to ensure you are aware of your responsibilities and the temporary amendments which could apply to your normal working arrangements.

Arrangements/ Business Disruption
What to expect during your probation


We want to make sure that you’re given every opportunity to succeed in your role so when you first join us you’ll be on probation. This means providing you with support in the early months of your employment, so you know how you’re doing and any questions or concerns can be sorted out quickly. Your manager will help you to set your goals and objectives and will provide feedback regularly so you know what’s going well and identify if there are any areas where you might need more training and support. This is a two-way process, so let your manager know how things are going for you, and say if there’s anything you’re not clear about or you need more support with. 


During this period you’ll also have some formal review meetings. These are an opportunity for you and your manager to talk about your progress and make sure you’re both happy with the way things are going. 


Probation periods usually last for 6 months but your manager may extend this if more time is needed to make the decision to confirm your appointment. For further information, look at your Contract.  If you need a copy of this, contact the People and Culture Office on 86500.

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Your job title


Everyone has a job title – yours is stated in your Contract.  You’ll also have a job description. We used this to produce the job advert. Your manager will make you aware of any other duties that are relevant to your role.

Good to know!

If you have a query about your pay or there’s a change to your personal circumstances, you can contact the People and Culture Office (ext. 86500)

Your probation
Your job title
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