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Reaching your full potential


We're committed to having a highly skilled and talented workforce. We want you to have every chance to achieve your full potential. From the very beginning, we'll help you plan your development so you can grow and succeed in your job and progress throughout your career. We understand that a lot of our learning happens on the job and from other people who do similar jobs to you.


We’ll give you the tools and resources to help you connect and learn and, in addition, you'll have development, networking, mentoring and knowledge-sharing opportunities to give you all the help and guidance you need. Our formal development programmes are aligned, where possible, to accredited qualifications and/ or professional bodies. In return, we expect you to make the most of the opportunities that we create, by having a development plan which you regularly review and applying your learning and experiences to your day to day work. 


Reaching your full potential

Study Leave

You have access to study leave to support you in your development. Where you feel this would be beneficial to you, you should have a discussion with your line manager and follow our study leave guidance.


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