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Maintaining The Reputation And Integrity Of Parliament


In order to maintain public trust and confidence we must all commit to the highest standards of conduct in carrying out our work. This includes how we communicate about the Parliament and what we say on forums including social media and to the press. If you want to be sure what you are doing or planning to do is appropriate, then use the Code of Conduct as a guide.  This sets out the standards we set ourselves and explains how we can achieve them. By following these standards we can maintain and protect the reputation and integrity of the Parliament. You should seek guidance from your head of office/team leader at an early stage if you are uncertain as to what is required of you. Find more about the Code of Conduct and how it can guide you.

Need To Know!

Because of where we work and the importance of impartiality there are some things we can't do - read our Code of Conduct  to find out what they are

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