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Staff Engagement Survey - FAQs

Who is running the survey?

We have asked Engaging Business to facilitate the survey on our behalf. They are experts in helping organisations measure and improve employee engagement and workplace wellbeing. They offer what they call a “workplace happiness survey” which is included as Part 1 of our wider survey.


You will also see the names Engaging Works, Engaging Services and WorkL mentioned. The Engaging Services are owned and operated by Engaging Works Group Limited (trading as Engaging Business and WorkL).

What is the survey about?


The survey asks a broad range of questions about your experience as an employee of the Scottish Parliament.

The survey is split into three parts:

Part 1 – “workplace happiness survey” – this is an off-the-shelf set of questions

Part 2 – Benchmark questions with the Welsh Parliament

Part 3 – Scottish Parliament specific, including; ways of working, Covid-19 and wellbeing

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey should take round 15 minutes to complete.

When does the survey close?


The survey will run for two weeks until 6pm on Wednesday 9 December.

What is the workplace happiness survey?

The workplace happiness survey is something provided by Engaging Business. It consists of six key steps, which were identified as the key drivers to employee engagement and form the framework of the 29-question workplace happiness survey. These six steps are:


1. Reward and Recognition  

2. Information Sharing 

3. Empowerment 

4. Wellbeing 

5. Instilling Pride 

6. Job Satisfaction   

Why do we want to measure our workplace happiness?

The “Happiness Survey” is an added extra that Engaging Business offers free as part of running the survey on our behalf. “Happiness” here refers to how happy you feel in your job. We decided to take up this offer to find out more about organisation-wide job satisfaction and engagement levels in addition to the tailored questions we will also ask.

Who processes the data?

Engaging Business and WorkL will process the information in accordance with data protection and GDPR regulations. If you would like more information, their Privacy Policy can be accessed here and see also our own bespoke privacy notice.  By completing the survey, you are giving consent to your anonymous responses being processed to obtain the overall view of happiness and engagement at the organisation.


For confidentiality reasons, the results will not be broken down into groups or teams of fewer than 5 people meaning that it will not be possible for any of the information you provide in the survey to be attributed to you.

Where can I complete the survey?


The survey is compatible with a laptop/desktop, mobile devices and tablets. All modern browsers are supported including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari. Please note the survey is not supported by internet explorer.

Is the survey anonymous?


The survey is completely anonymous. We will not be able to identify you nor how you answered the survey questions. Results will be available once the survey has closed, and the Scottish Parliament does not have access to data for groups of fewer than 5 people.

I am the only person in my office at my grade – will I be identified because of that?


In relation to grade, it would not be possible to filter the results by grade if fewer than 5 people at that grade had responded. That is true whether looking at office results or wider group or organisation results. We will not be able to report on any category that has fewer than 5 responses. So, for example, if there are 8 people in a team or office but only 4 complete the survey we would not see the results. 

I would like to use the comments section but think I could be identified by my comment 


HR will review the comments section in the strictest confidence. We will not share individual comments but rather will pull together themes and report on those.

Do I get any results or feedback?


Yes, after you complete and submit your survey answers you have the option to receive your own “Workplace Happiness Report”.  This report will give you insights split into themes defined by Engaging Business such as “Wellbeing”, “Sense of Purpose” and “Empowerment”. This is a personal score just for you and the information provided by Engaging Business will allow you to see how your score compares with the general population and suggests ideas should you wish to improve satisfaction around these themes. 


Once you click “submit” at the end of the survey your results will be available instantly. However, if you click “submit” and then close the page immediately, then you won’t be able to see them. If you wish to save a copy of your individual results report you can do this once you are on your own results page. To save them you need to create an account on WorkL.  Please note this is optional but needs to be done at the time of submitting your responses.  Engaging Business do not hold your personal email address so there is no way to link back to these results after the page is closed.

Can I save my results?


Yes you have the option to create a free WorkL (for individuals) account on your personal results page. Your results will save to your account which will allow you to track your workplace happiness over time if you wish to repeat the Happiness Index survey, which is a stand alone survey available freely from Engaging Business. Please read the data protection privacy notice.


How can I use my results?


You will receive recommendations according to your results in each section which you are free to use and discuss with your manager. You can save/print out your results to use as a supporting document to help with that conversation.

In which format will the organisation see their results?


After the survey closing date, Engaging Business will compile the Parliament-wide responses for us in the form of a dashboard, similar to the one you will obtain at the end of your survey submission. This means individual comments or answers will not be accessible by your organisation. This has been implemented to protect the employee’s anonymity.

Who are Engaging Business?


Engaging Business (part of the Engaging Works Group) helps organisations to measure, track and improve employee engagement and workplace happiness over time with its workplace happiness survey. Engaging Business believes that both employers and employees have a shared responsibility to build strong and positive workplace engagement.     The company was set up by Lord Mark Price, a former Managing Director of Waitrose, Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership and Chairman of Business in the Community. Mark set up WorkL (formerly Engaging Works) which helps individuals be happier at work and Engaging Business in 2016, after stepping down from his role as Minister of State for International Trade.

If I have more questions during the survey, who should I contact?


If your query is technical (i.e. an issue with accessing or completing the survey), please get in touch directly with Engaging Business/WorkL at If you have any further concerns in regards to privacy or questions about how the results will be used, please get in touch with Alix Malcolm, Learning, Development and Change Manager.

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