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Our Values


But we don’t focus simply on what we do; we also take pride in how we do it. Our core values of Stewardship, Inclusiveness, Excellence and Respect complement the strategy and together they help to provide clarity about our common purpose and priorities. Each of our values is underpinned by a number of linked behaviours and our Values and Behaviours Framework represents the expectations we have of ourselves and each other, guiding our interactions and day-to-day decisions. They include the personal skills and attributes we bring to our roles, which when combined with our skills and knowledge; enable us to be successful in our roles.


Focusing on the longer term to ensure we are leaving things better than we found them and putting our shared interests ahead of any individual or team

Our values are a central part of our working culture and our people management processes and are used to recruit, manage and develop our staff. 


If you’re a new or existing member of our team, it’s important that you take the time to understand how they apply to your role. If you’re a manager, you’ll need to explain what the behaviours mean to your staff and recognise the right behaviours and support any areas for development. And when applying for roles with us, we strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with our values and behaviours as we will frame some of our interview questions around these. 

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